Help support us on Patreon: Twitter: Streaming Now on Facebook: Instrumental by Tony: Lyrics: [verse1] So they ignored Aatrox, now his sword's looking brand new /swingin like new 'cause he was weak then now he's sleek and weak too finally saw daylight then got changed right after that [pre-chorus] got a low win rate high percent pick rate Let's play it, go [chorus] 'cause I still lose. win lane and can't carry my teamates I mash my Q Just trying to get to you yeah, yeah I still lose when my laner played like food/ I left lane 7/0/2 I'll team fight and mash my Q Just trying to get to you yeah, yeah [verse2] I spent the last fight got my ashe kite ooh I miss the day they were dying to my rageblade ooh he had the spotlight then git changed right after that [bridge] Maybe one day he will shine Maybe he's not mean to dive Maybe he splits while everyone team fights Maybe his Q isn't clunky Maybe this reworks not done At least now we can control when he revives

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